About the Telesummit:  http://legaltelesummit.com/

Proposals should include: (1) title of the workshop, (2) format and time requested , (3) name, address, phone, and e-mail of presenter(s) and 50-75 word bio(s), (4) workshop description of up to 100 words for inclusion in conference brochure, (5) proposed outline/content topic and material to be covered.  (250 words)

Collaborations are welcome, especially for the 30 minute programs.  Please provide contact information and bio for each presenter.  

The deadline for receipt of proposals is March 23, 2018.

Presenters will be notified as soon as selections are made. We will announce our roster at the ABA DR conference in Washington, DC in April.  

Wild Card Presenters:  Most of our decisions will be made before the DR conference in April.  However, we will accept applications for 2 “wild card” proposals during the conference.   If you have any questions please direct them to moreinfo@legaltelesummit.com.

Please freely share this Request for Proposals.
Title of Presentation

Length of time requested:  6 minutes, 18 minutes, or 30 minutes *

Video or Audio Only?

Name, email address, telephone, and 50-75 word bio of each presenter. *

Description of presentation for our catalog.  (Max. 100 words) *

How does your topic support the theme of the telesummit, "I can relate!"? *

Proposed outline of content, learning goals, and material to be covered.  (500 words: a longer description for our review.) *

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